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Online education and learning courses will vary in quality and value for money – just like every other comodity these days.    There has been a great improement over the last couple of years in the provision of home learning fior school children which was brought about by lockdown restrictions having to come into place rapidly.  ….  Read More

  • When deploying personnel overseas into potentially hostile and unfamiliar environments it is essential they receive the right training to prepare them for the risks they may face. Not only is this morally the right thing to do it is also helps to satisfy employers health and safety responsibilities. HEAT (Hostile environment and awareness training) is a course that is designed for individuals who’s work takes them to remote, challenging or hostile regions of the world. Many areas of the world have unstable governments, conflicts, natural disasters and war all of which can make performing work duties a challenge. HEAT training teaches people to identify assess and avoid risks in these kinds of areas.

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  • A first aid course is suitable for people aged 16+ who might need to provide first aid by responding to a wide range of accidents, injuries and illnesses that they could encounter in their workplace.

    Birmingham first aid courses are ideal for organisations whose needs assessment has identified a requirement for additional first aid training, such as having employees with a disability or a medical condition.

  • Kindred nurseries in London offer professional and high-quality childcare for children aged 3 months to 5 years. Our London nursery each offer a warm and welcoming environment, where staff are passionate about creating a sense of awe and wonder in every moment!

    Located within easy reach of public transport networks, our London nurseries are well established throughout the city and are highly popular with families from all areas.

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    With so many life coaching courses on the market, it is important to choose the best training provider for you. Choose a company that is dedicated to your success. One that also delivers support after you have qualified as a coach and provides you with the tools and empowerment to become the best coach that you can be.

    • Have you got a passion to help other people achieve their full potential?
    • Do you want to create positive change in the life of the people you work with?
    • Are you looking for a career that is financially and emotionally rewarding?
    • Perhaps you want to learn how to coach in your current job role.