Career Changes Aided By E-Learning Models

I have a relative who has been in nursing since leaving school – she did her degree at a big teaching university hospital and has never really thought about any other career.  Things change and move on of course – after a working career on orthopaedics, she suddenly decided to apply to retrain for midwifery.  already being a staff nurse of many years, she only needed the 18 months additional training – I say only – it was still almost like having to do a 3 year degree course in half the time, whilst still doing the day job and run a family.  The self belief needed to fulfill this training was unbelievable.  Thankfully by this time there was a great deal of e-learning available from  of the teaching hospital involved.  Additional topics that were a great aid to the learning process were undertaken in batches – in quiet moments set aside for the purpose.  Thank heavens for e-education and online learning tools!