Family Nursing History From The Old School

When you go through school you’re asked what you think you want to be when you grow up – a daft question really.  No youngster has any idea about what any job involves at that age, unless of course they come from a family of doctors or specialists in any field.  My own family seems to entertain an unusually high ratio of nurses compared to other families – two grandmothers were midwives, a great aunt was the district nurse – of some repute; two cousins are nursing sisters and other cousins are just nurses . . .  No doctors by the sound of it.  All of the ones mentioned earlier did their training years and years ago – one or two could have known Florence Nightingale in person!  Howeve, they would all have gained hugely from having exposure to online medical top up training.  Modern methods of doing things and knowledge beyond anything they could have ever imagined.