Habit Forming Online Lesson Timing

Online education and learning courses will vary in quality and value for money – just like every other comodity these days.    There has been a great improement over the last couple of years in the provision of home learning fior school children which was brought about by lockdown restrictions having to come into place rapidly.  However, the rest of the population has also benefitted from an explosionn in choice of subject – many will be career focused but also the range of vocational and lifestyle learning courses has been amazing.  The ability to log on at home at a time to suit ourselves and really learn from good quality materials, without having to drive or take transport to classes has been a major assistance to all.  Just having the confidence to get signed up and remembering to log on regularly to check the tutor’s updates and topic assignments takes time to become a habit for those older folk who left the discipline of school timetables some while ago!