Helping Nurse With Communication Skills

I took someone to hospital recently – not as a patient, but as a visitor to see their son who seems to spend an inordinate amount of time in one ward or another. I have long suspected he has imaginary illnesses but it’s difficult to get the relative to see through some of his ruses. This brings me on to the subject of learning how to read the signs when someone is genuinely unwell and when they’re imagining it. This is the sort of complex issue that nurses have to deal with every working day. Ward staff have their work cut out dealing with the properly ill person. The post operative team that cares so efficiently – knowing exactly how to read instructions from consultants – keeping copious notes and passing verbal instructions down the line. All these communication issues need special training and updating, especially if the nurse does not speak English as a first language. That is twice as challenging for them. E-learning courses and online educational courses are ideal for updating their existing knowledge.