How to become a nutritionist

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Nutritionists are becoming more and more necessary over the years.  The newspapers are always full of details of obesity and illnesses related to poor diets and these things affect all areas of society.  So how does one go about becoming a nutritionist?

The role: nutritionists have a very varied role.  With the appropriate qualifications, they can lead into scientific research too.  A nutritionist has the potential to become a community nutritionist, public health nutritionist and food health advisor.  They work closely with GPs, hospitals and other community teams.  Work includes:

  • practical and research projects
  • doing trials
  • processing and analysing results
  • raising awareness about healthy eating
  • working with specific groups of people (for example new mothers) to educate on healthy eating
  • giving talks and presentations

Nutritionists don’t just work for the NHS, they can be employed in all capacities.  They do work for the food industry, developing new products for example.  Being a nutritionist can be highly rewarding, especially when working with target groups and making a difference to people’s lives.  Some posts require a degree in a subject related to nutrition, science and healthy eating.  Some people begin their career with awareness courses, building up experience by gaining employment or doing voluntary work.