In Heat Of Emergency Cool Calm Nurse Essential

There are some truly amazing documentaries on tv these days.  The range from watching someone beetling around the country collecting debt repayments from the lifelong debtors and the sharp end of the crown prosecution service – how they come to the decision to allow police to prosecute in cases.  There are also numerous medical documentaries that detail everything from the 999 call to the trip in the ambulance and helicoptor medics.  We are also treated to very grapic and undiluted hands on experience in very hectic A&E departments.  We admore the calm way the nursing staff arrange for the trolley loads of casualties and other callers are dealt with by the amazing nurses – in every instance you will witness cool heads and efficient handling of everything that is thrown at them.   The training nurses have to start with does ground them from the beginning but follow up dedicated training online and in person does reinforce that ‘can do, anything possible’ attitude.