Keeping An Eye On Nervous Patients & Career Development

I was out at a luncheon party the other week – celebrating a big wedding anniversary.  The invitees were all known to me by virtue of the hostess was a relative.  One of the party, less well known to me personally, is a nursing operative.   I was intregued.  It turns out that she trained as practiced a general nurse for may years, during which time she showed a flair for dealing with very anxious patients with eye problems.  This led her to take up the offer of specialist nurse training in an optical department.  It requires very much more targeted care and attention.  The various top up career development courses are amazing these days and this lady has been able to make fantastic progress in her own career.   She’s now unit manager and in charge of a very busy clinic.  Everything falls to her to arrange / get fixed/ train colleagues and write up instructions when none are forthcoming!