Learning By Absorption – Does The Trick

Oh how I enjoy a good quiz . . .   I belong to one team only, fun stuff with the rest of our women’s group.  I take it seriously though and revise all subjects via a very handy quiz site.  You’d be amazed how educational this is in itself.  However, looking at all the various subject headings and components of each subject area makes me check things out in more depth and I click online for answers to almost every single day’s worth of quiz revisions.  I have looked into the periodic table, learned as many facts as I can.  I have also checked out every single national flag in the world.      Geography and history are my favourite subjects now – although when I left school they were not necessarily so.  It’s very true that we learn a great deal more as adulst but it comes in little chunks of everyay absorption of facts rather than a noted and concerted learning spree.