Medical Secretaries Benefit From Top Up Training

I was working as private secretary to the judiciary for several years and one colleague joined the typing pool – she was bubbly and an excellent typist.  She needed to be as the amount of work that stacked up was phenomenal.  She could decipher even the most spider like scrawl –  and it turns out that her previous 12 year posting had been as a floating secretary in the consultants’ office at the local teaching hospital.  This lady had begun part time to suit school hours, and she took various online training courses to ensure her medical knowledge was as up to date as possible for her job.  I didn’t realise there were so many e-education and online learning resources for people wanting to move into the hectic world of medical secretary.  It’s a vital job and one for which training is obviously an essential matter, easily overlooked by those not willing to work to advance their career.