Nurses Learn To Cope With PIP & Other Ailments

Anyone who has had to spend any time at all in a hospital, be it as an inpatient for treatment, or as an outpatient for day assessment or a procedure, the same familiar old anxieties rise up.  Nurses and procedure operatives are so well trained these days  – they make everything seem so straight forward, never any sense of panic or ill will.  They all receive on the job training and booster courses online.  All patients are nervous and tend to become even more ‘sickly’, what’s called in the trade PIP – pyjama induced paralysis. . . . .   They like the calm reassurance that comes with the arrival of the nurse.   This appearance of calm efficiency comes with confidence – having been fully trained for their role in that particular hospital.  All the text books in the world cannot give this confidence, but e-learning booster courses remind the staff of their very important place and function.