Nurses Today Learn By Degrees

Getting into a proper career can be seriously daunting.  Knowing exactly what a job will entail is not easy unless you know someone who does it and can give you actual first hand experience.   Take nursing for example, we all have the picture in our minds, depending on how old we are, of a nurse.  Today’s youngster will envisage someone, mane or woman, in fairly shapeless blue pyjama styled uniform – easy to launder and rendering the body’s movement much easier than the old image.  In the ‘good old days’, nurses were expected to be trim, very pretty, witty and know how to administer thermometers and bed pans.  Today’s nurse needs to be multi talented – the only way in is by doing a nursing degree at university and working on the wards.    The degree course is unimaginably more difficult than the 3 years at Nurse Training school where the surviving set would work on wards and watch the god-like consultants delivering lectures.   A great amount of a nurse training degree consists of online learning courses.