Regular Training Backs Up Medical Know How

Those blood tests that need to be done regularly – maybe the winter blues have really taken their toll on you and your GP sends you to have a variety of blood tests done.  There are several that can be done at the same time – a couple of phials with different colour lids to signify their testing requirements.  We don’t think anything of these excusions to the local clinic.  We can go in anytime from 7.45, take a card with the next number on it,  and take a seat.  within a short while the friendly ‘nurse’ will pop his or her head round the door and call out the next candidate number.   The procedure is so quick too, Nurse will check our identify again and will apply the needle and start drawing off enough for all the tests required.   That operation will have been reinforced with the online training courses available to the Phlebotomist – the ‘nurse’ we see at the clinic.