Privateers In The Health Care Industry

I often have to go for blood tests and am amazed how many other folk are always in the queue a while before I get there.  It’s true to say that some of these folk seem to be on the gargantuan side of the equation – I am not.  Having spent my entire adult life trying to balance a love of chocolate and crisps,  I’ve never been overly huge but a bout of gestative diabetes made me sit up and really take stock.  Watching the very patient helath care workers at their duties when they take the blood is absolutely fascinating.  They are very speedy and knowledgeable about what all the information means on the request form.  One of the phlebotamists explained thatt she trained privately at her own expense for this specialist work and is employed on a contractual basis.  She is basically a free agent to sell her services to the highest employment bidder.