Silver Surfing To Life Enhancing Learning Streams

We live in a world that is completely dependent upon the use of computers and over the decades we have just got used to it.  For the most part.  There are amazingly, a few stalwarts who have managed to avoid the big ‘log on’ and look mystified whenever anyone around them talks about ‘surfing the net’ for this or that.    The phrase Silver Surfers is not so relevant now as many pensioners started using computers big time some years ago and have continued.  Whereas when computerisation first came about it was distincly not normal for a pensioner to sit researching anything and they would need the impatient guiding hands of grandchildren to get them from A to B.   Now we have access to the most fantastic e-learning platforms and online education resources – some of the best in the world.  It’s possible to take a course in absolutely any subject.  some will lead to the opportunity to travel to continue the interest and others offer certificates of achievement – essential for those with a well honed learning bent!