The Marvel That Is The NHS Since 1948

When I was on vacation with family recently, I went with them to the local medical centre for their son to have a chest x-ray and blood tests as he’d been unwell for a couple of weeks and their physician had for a precaution, suggested these routes.  It’s not free there.  The family pay into a health insurance which is topped up by my host’s employer as a salary benefit.  Fortunately this was at the early part of the  year and no one has yet exhausted the pot!  It was over $5000 for the X-ray and tests, but it did show the likelihood of a problem and so immediate treatment has been sought.  We have the choice to pay into private healthcare in the UK but we are so used to the free NHS with all its wonderful scope for care, people tend to forget that 60 million other british citizens rich and poor alike, need treatment.  Such a mind boggling undertaking by the government funding the NHS – providing us free treatment at source since 1948.